(Updated) Save Chester, Get Some Great Reads, Earn Some Karma, Be Happy

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UPDATE: Sadly, the announcement was made today that Chester College of New England will be shutting its doors. In honor of the school that birthed us, the Machine will be donating any proceeds raised from the month of May to an arts education charity (yet to be decided). We’ll update with more information when we have it. Here’s to you, Chester. We went down swinging, and we left one hell of a mark. Let’s keep pouring love and art and writing out into this big ol’ world of ours. Petrichor Machine looks forward to honoring our Alma Mater with more great issues for years to come.


When Petrichor Machine was just a bunch of loose nuts, bolts, and precipitation yet to hit the earth, Chester College of New England was our home. All three of us machinists (editors) are alumni from this fantastic, tiny bastion of creative energy and passionate learning. And now, it’s in trouble. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, including the economic recession which led to a slump in enrollment, and, worse still, a President who is more interested in preserving his political standing, selling the school and getting an easy paycheck than working to fund-raise and do right by the school that so many young artists and writers call home, Chester College is trying to raise $500,000 by the end of May. The students, faculty, and alumni have already raised approximately $100,000 in a matter of about a week, which speaks to the love and dedication and drive this place inspires. The community is more than a school- it’s a family, and we can confidently say that the Machine would never have been born if it weren’t for CCNE.

Which brings us to the point: For the month of May, Petrichor Machine will be donating all proceeds from the purchase of either issue to CCNE, to support their efforts. So, buy a copy, get some of the most gut-wrenchingly amazing stories and poems and art you can imagine (and some you can’t even imagine), support the Machine, support a great school that deserves and needs your help.





And hey. Thanks. We really mean that.

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