Petrichor Machine Issue Number 6 Is Up for Sale!

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Well hello there, Machinists!

After a long, cold winter, we’re finally ready to warm your hands and hearts with issue six!

Petrichor Machine, Issue number six, black and white photo of a robot t-rex

Get Your Copy!

Petrichor Machine is excited to announce mind-blowing poetry and fiction by the likes of:

Deborah Bayer, David R. Cravens, Justin Davis, JD DeHart, Gen Del Raye, Matt Dennison, Michael Díaz Feito, Timothy B. Dodd, Jane Flett, Jason Graff, Jonathan Greenhause, Laura Harper, Heikki Huotari, Tim Kahl, Peter MacQuarrie, Arthur Maurer, Lance Nizami, Michael O’Leary, Jimmy Pappas, Richard King Perkins II, Tom Pescatore, Fred Pollack, Juanita Rey, Jason Sears, Jay Skinner, & Noel Sloboda!

So check it out, support the arts, make your brain-meats happier than a chipmunk with a pancake.

If you haven’t caught up on issues one through five, might we suggest perusing them as well? They’re like a shock of roll-around-in-the-fresh-green-grass excitement, bouncy castle levels of extraordinary, and frankly, even better than your grandma’s perfect chocolate chip cookies. No offense, gradma. Your cookies are boss, but these stories and poems and art are just a nose ahead.

Until next time, Machinists,
Your humble editors

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