Des PetrichorDesmond Stern has a jar full of fireflies for a heart. They flicker brightest when they are writing stories, making art and music, or editing a literary journal. Certain of these fireflies enjoy doofing around with Sam the Man (who is actually a dog), making up silly songs with Des’ partner Kay, and zooming around pretending to be superheroes. They would also like you to know that, despite appearances, they are (in the immortal words of Disney’s Mulan) “swift as a coursing river” and “mysterious as the dark side of the moon.” (They are pretty silly.)

Brandon “Our Hero” Gretter has that kind of love affair with writing where you take writing out to a classy joint and order a serious bottle of wine before taking writing home and making out with it on the couch to Barry White for 47 minutes. His likes include: Franz Kafka, Dr. Pepper, that kind of sushi you have to eat off of naked girls, Nightcrawler, and Sam Elliot in “Roadhouse.” He whirls through life like a drunken, misplaced metaphor, stumbling into numerous lovely projects such as this one.